Our Process

  1. Once a fully ratified contract is received, Twin Oaks Title, LLC will assign a closing team to your file. Your closing team will be your main point of contact to keep you updated and address and questions or concerns that you may have along the way.
  2. A title abstract and title examination will be ordered and conducted. An experienced abstractor, underwriter, and attorney will examine the abstract to discern any title issues that affect your property rights. Your team will update you and begin addressing and curing any issues.
  3. Your closing team will begin preparing the closing by communication and collecting information from your lender, realtors, homeowner’s association, homeowner’s insurance company, etc. They will also collect any payoffs or invoices associated with closing, including mortgage payoff(s), lien payoff(s), inspection invoice(s), etc.
  4. Your closing team will update you on your figures regarding cash to close and/or proceeds and appointment time/location. You will receive a closing disclosure or settlement statement prior to closing to review.
  5. Time for closing! You will sit down with an attorney to review all lender documents including notes and mortgage, in-house legal documents, including deeds, surveys and other title related documents. This provides you a time to ask any questions that you may have, and your attorney will explain important aspects of your loan, title, etc. You will be provided access to all documents signed at closing along with information of items to address after closing.
  6. Your closing team will work on recording your deed, mortgage, survey, and any other applicable documents. They will take care of disbursing all funds including things like paying invoices, recording fees, payoffs, and proceeds.
  7. You will receive your original deed and final owner’s title insurance policies after closing, if applicable. Your closing team will always be available for any questions that you may have after closing.